Is Engineering an ideal course for a DIYer?

"I like making stuff, tinkering with circuits and creating useful things at home. Does this mean I should go for an electronics engineering course, to take this hobby to the next level, or can I simply study electronics alongside another undergrad course?"

This question has haunted me for months before I finally made up my mind. So about a year back(2017) I decided to get some advice from some of the coolest 'Professional DIYers' I have come across on Facebook.

You can have a look at the original post on Facebook here.

A bit of background info about the people in this group-
Guitar Stompboxes/pedals are elegant electronic devices that can sweeten up the sounds produced by guitar with the click of a switch. In general guitar pedals are pretty expensive to buy, but with a bit of electronics knowledge you can build your own stuff! The 'DIY Stompboxes' group on Facebook is a very diverse community of people from various countries and age groups sharing their ideas an…

The Best Rubik's Puzzles 2017

If you’ve recently learnt how to solve the cube, and are in search of a similar, but more challenging puzzle, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short overview of the coolest puzzles available in market, 2017.
Lets Start with the classics.

1.The Evergreen Rubik's Cube Series-

THE 3x3

Needless to say, the 3x3 cube is where we all started. The original cube created by Erno Rubik, remains the most popular and experimented with, cube. Known for its simplicity, there are many ways of solving the 3x3. At present Mats Valk from Netherlands holds the world record for solving the cube in 5.55 seconds.

THE 4x4 and 5x5 and 2x2 cubes

By adding another layer of pieces, we have the 4x4 cube, where things get a bit harder to solve, having no centre pieces.
The 5x5 cube is purely a ‘collector’s edition’ cube created for dedicated puzzle solvers.

No matter who you are, you can solve the 2x2 cube without any prior experience!
While being able to solve the above cubes may characterise you as a genius, …

DIY Motion Activated Tremolo guitar pedal

Hello Everyone!
Guitar pedals and music effects are very interesting to experiment with, so I decided to come up with something new and original. Using minimum possible components I made a circuit that simply breaks and rejoins the connection between the guitar and the amp. But thats not the catch,
This pedal can be controlled without coming in contact with the pedal. 
Weird, right?
The setup uses an ultrasonic sensor (Popularly, used for obstacle avoidance in robots) to calculate the distance from the pedal, and activate the effect accordingly. Also the closer you move towards the pedal, the more shallower the effect gets. 
Well, if I've got your attention and your head is bubbling with ideas,  here is , how I made it!-

Step 1- Watch the video-

Step 2- Get the parts-
1. An Arduino ( Uno or Nano) ( a clone would also do the trick)
2. A single channel relay (an electro-mechanical switch)
3. (1/4 inch mono sockets) x2
4. Ultrasonic sensor module (HC S…

Weekend project- DIY TV remote controlled car

Its pretty cool that we can control many appliances in our home wirelessly through IR systems. Perhaps is that all ? In this blog, ill be sharing an interesting use of the TV remote other than its conventional use of controlling the TV. 
So, you can make your own TV remote controlled car by following the video and the resources.
1.The video

2. The circuit diagram

3. Link for the IR remote library.

4. List of main parts

An Arduino Uno,DC motor shafts,L293x motor driver,TSOP 1738 IR receiver,9V battery,Jumper wires( of-course)

5. And of-course the code for the arduino

// Written and debugged by Siddharth Kothari,
#include <IRremote.h>
int leftmotora=8;
int leftmotorb=9;
int rightmotora=10;
int rightmotorb=12;

int RECV_PIN = 11;

IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);

decode_results results;

void setup(){
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // start the receiver

  pinMode (11, INPUT); //pin 11 connects to the IR rec…

Born to Compete?

" As soon as you're born, they make you feel small,
   By giving you no time, instead of it all,    and the pain is so deep that you feel nothing at all"  No kiddo, it's not your fault, it's in the atmosphere. The race is unidirectional aimed at engineering. India has been successful in breaking previous records of rat races. The concept now targets traditional mindsets having the philosophy of science being superior to arts related subjects. Globally the equality of subjects is understood perhaps, not in all parts of India. With the increase in the no. of applicants giving JEE, an exam common for all Indian engineering institutes, coaching classes for the same have come up. The story doesn't end here, the coaching classes have their own entrance exams. Now the animal has a tail as well, there are separate tuitions to crack the exams of the coaching classes that help you crack, the Joint Entrance Examination. This makes climbing the ladder, even harder. But thats…


Its been a long time since I last blogged. An amazing idea struck me in my dreams. Living in an atmosphere of competition, most of my conversations with people kick start this way,
"So, young man, what do you plan to do in life?" "Haven't decided yet........." I'm tired of this question. Most of my friends joined private coaching classes in 8th grade. I felt all this was just a commercial activity to become a billionaire. The rat race finishes at IIT ( A well reputed engineering college in India). People feel that you're abnormal when they hear you say, " I don't plan to take up engineering". So I finally decided to blog out everything straight from the heart and write everything in first person.
Many ideas of mine were quite a lot based on 'The secret life of Walter Mitty'. I read many inspiration stories on Facebook and G+. I finally understood one thing for sure, You can never go hungry if you're educated. I've decided I wil…

Alleppey Travel Guide

Planning a vacation in South India?
Don't forget Alleppey !
The name explains it all- Alleppey: A small happy town. Alleppey is situated in the coastal area of Kerala. This place is known for beaches and backwaters.
The perfect place to have the 'Houseboat Experience'. We've seen it in the movies, now lets see if its true ! Alleppey is home to 800 houseboats. The South Indian colors come alive here, it becomes hard to find an ordinary white colored house. Houses, Houseboats, clothes and banners are bright and vibrant in colors. All this reminds me of a song sung by The Beatles, 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' that starts with- Picture yourself in a boat in a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies..... 

Lets not get diverted to music, how can one forget houseboats ?
Being made for tourism, all houseboats are beautifully crafted and named. All tourism companies usually feature a houseboat picture in Alleppey on their pamphlets ! To be honest, houseboats are an…