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HEY GUYS! many of us here are in search of good 'PHOTO EDITING APPLICATIONS' .........................i've tried 15-20 applications  perhaps i've finally found the best ones!

Here are my favorites-

Photofunia is the best photo_background app i've ever seen. It's very user friendly and has a large variety of backgrounds to choose from. It places the image on the preset background and automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast ,so that it fits perfectly in the background. It makes the image look very realistic and is the best app to fool friends. It also has a large variety of text presets.Its available on all platforms (ios, android, blackberry, windows etc).It also has an online version at . 

all images above are made using Photofunia
2) Pixlr express This app has a large variety of filters. It does a very neat and tidy job. It enhances the image color and has a number of flames, lights, stickers that can be added to the image.…
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