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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull : A story                                                                                                                                 -Richard Bach Book review Jonathan Livingston Seagull, is one of Richard Bach's masterpieces. The Book speaks a lot with effective use of words. It would be one of the most inspiring books that you would ever read in your lifetime.  It is a short story, based on the life of a Seagull -'Jonathan' who , unlike other Seagulls didn't live to eat. Jonathan rather enjoyed flying throughout the day and wanted to master it. The other Seagulls tried to prove him wrong. His last priority of the day was food. He would dedicate his entire day in experimenting the different ways of flying ,learning a bit more everyday. This made the other Seagulls of his flock angry and jealous, so they kicked him out of their flock. However, that didn't bother him at all. He dedicates his entire life to master flying and one day, he i…



lyrics grabber is an amazing app that has the lyrics for almost every song .It is available on IOS and android . All you have to do is to install that app and simply (as usual) play your songs. Instantly after the song starts you get a notification saying '' lyrics available'' , and thats all!! you have the lyrics of that song. optionally , you can also browse all your songs and view lyrics without playing the song.

This app is essential for all musicians who play stringed instruments. Don't have a tuner, you don't need one. This app has the tunings of almost all instruments such as guitar , violin, mandolin etc. its has a simple and easy to use interface which enhances your experience of tuning. It also has a metronome player that is inbuilt, and a few games. Overall ; this has to be the best tuner app on android and iOS.

BACKING TRACKS !!! yeah, everyone needs backing tracks . T…

Fender Squier Review

Hey there ,
Buying a Fender ?
Consider reading this before-

The Squierseries

 1.THE BULLET STRAT- This is Fender's most worked on , and cost effective series of guitar. It has an amazing bluesy sound along with its superb tremolo. My experience with this guitar has been satisfactory. Its drawback is that its fret board , only offers rosewood and hence loses its smoothness with a few years .Its tuners are equipped with fender's classic tuners which allow continuous playing for long hours.If you're buying of these ,buy the one with the SSS pick up . It has to be the best equipped guitar in its price. lets come to its appearance and looks........I'm not supposed to judge that .Am I? the picture explains it :)

 2.THE AFFINITY STRAT- I wouldn't recommend this one. The affinity series is known to have a couple of manufacturing defects . In playing, it has hardly one or two differences in the sound compared to the bullet strat. the new feature offered by this is t…

How to select the right guitar-

-Tips on selecting the right guitar for yourself-1) Know what kind of music you play- This doesn't matter while playing an acoustic. it all matters when you come to the electric. in the previous article you see your preferences.
2) Never go by brand name -There are thousands of guitars better than stratocasters and Les Pauls. Always play and buy the guitar you like and not the popular ones suggested by others.  That's called marketing a skill that Americans have mastered. well, its true if you saw that logo on a local guitar might end up buying it
3)And finally the most important point-  Never ever buy a guitar ONLINE- Guitars are things that cannot be bought just by looking at them. You must play it, only then will you get the actual feel and sound of the guitar. Never go by suggestions by other because you're buying YOUR guitar. You can choose the best guitar only after playing it.                                                                    It may…

Fender vs Ibanez

Unable to decide between fender and ibanez  ??
A very popularly asked buy an ibanez or a fender ? Well here is the answer to this - (according to me )
It depends on the type of music you play -  1) if you're into playing blues music Fender is the guitar for you.... 2) And if you're into rock & heavy metal .......nothing better than ibanez
Well yes, if you play both, blues and heavy metal on the safe side buy ibanez.
The best way to get the perfect guitar for yourself is to go and play the guitar you want for a few minutes and have your opinion.......and you'll realize all comparison given on internet was useless.
Budget - when it comes to the budget fixers what can beat a fender stratocaster  ???? 
According to my experience Fender guitars are way more durable and can resist falls. I feel ( my thinking ) most of the ibanez guitars are copies of the fender stratocaster .
*with my experience i suggest they are way more durable and …