Amazing innovation......

Everyone wants to be unique................., Everyone is unique ,.............making things that are unique is all what Innovation means....
Innovation is another name for creative invention
In-built wall extension cord
Now in the picture above we see an inbuilt wall extension cord. All of us have seen an electrical extension cord, and in-fact we also use it quite often for extending the power outlet to a longer reach. And we've also use power supply outlets for our daily needs . But what we have not seen is an INBUILT EXTENSION CORD which saves time as well as looks smart. So we did see just by combining two elements of our daily life we can form the third.
Hands free umbrella
Now the picture above explains another amazing innovation. We've seen umbrellas which are hand held, which restrict you from using mobile phones, eating things on the go, etc. But this is a simple wearable umbrella, which keeps your hand free ! Innovation consists of making the use of  the same object in different ways and modifying to make it easier to use....
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