Fender vs Ibanez

Unable to decide between fender and ibanez  ??

A very popularly asked question..........to buy an ibanez or a fender ? Well here is the answer to this - (according to me )

It depends on the type of music you play - 
1) if you're into playing blues music Fender is the guitar for you....
2) And if you're into rock & heavy metal .......nothing better than ibanez

Well yes, if you play both, blues and heavy metal ........be on the safe side buy ibanez.

The best way to get the perfect guitar for yourself is to go and play the guitar you want for a few minutes and have your opinion.......and you'll realize all comparison given on internet was useless.

Budget - when it comes to the budget fixers what can beat a fender stratocaster  ???? 

According to my experience Fender guitars are way more durable and can resist falls.
I feel ( my thinking ) most of the ibanez guitars are copies of the fender stratocaster .

*with my experience i suggest fender....as they are way more durable and repairing them is easier............
                                                               In terms of looks every ibanez is unmatched and awesome.
Guys all that was my view........think about and and let me know about yours !!

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