How to select the right guitar-

                -Tips on selecting the right guitar for yourself-

1) Know what kind of music you play- 

This doesn't matter while playing an acoustic. it all matters when you come to the electric. in the previous article you see your preferences.

2) Never go by brand name -

There are thousands of guitars better than stratocasters and Les Pauls. Always play and buy the guitar you like and not the popular ones suggested by others. 
That's called marketing a skill that Americans have mastered.
well, its true if you saw that logo on a local guitar might end up buying it

3)And finally the most important point- 
Never ever buy a guitar ONLINE-
Guitars are things that cannot be bought just by looking at them. You must play it, only then will you get the actual feel and sound of the guitar. Never go by suggestions by other because you're buying YOUR guitar. You can choose the best guitar only after playing it.
                                                                   It may be cheaper to buy online along with more chances of getting cheated.
Guys I hope this article will help you in selecting the right guitar.

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