Fender Squier Review

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The Squier  series

 1.THE BULLET STRAT- This is Fender's most worked on , and cost effective series of guitar. It has an amazing bluesy sound along with its superb tremolo. My experience with this guitar has been satisfactory. Its drawback is that its fret board , only offers rosewood and hence loses its smoothness with a few years .Its tuners are equipped with fender's classic tuners which allow continuous playing for long hours.If you're buying of these ,buy the one with the SSS pick up . It has to be the best equipped guitar in its price. lets come to its appearance and looks........I'm not supposed to judge that .Am I? the picture explains it :)

 2.THE AFFINITY STRAT- I wouldn't recommend this one. The affinity series is known to have a couple of manufacturing defects . In playing, it has hardly one or two differences in the sound compared to the bullet strat. the new feature offered by this is the Fast Sliding Maple fret board.

3. THE ORIGINAL STRATOCASTOR- Fender's best and most expensive guitars come in this range. Hundreds of colors to choose from, pickups and necks. This has to be the best blues guitar series . They were used by jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopler, Eric Clapton etc. It posses the best tremolo ever made. The amazingly clean sound quality adds to the beauty.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MnylRaQC3w  check out This link for the creation of this unmatched legend.

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