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Its been a long time since I last blogged. An amazing idea struck me in my dreams. Living in an atmosphere of competition, most of my conversations with people kick start this way,
"So, young man, what do you plan to do in life?" "Haven't decided yet........." I'm tired of this question. Most of my friends joined private coaching classes in 8th grade. I felt all this was just a commercial activity to become a billionaire. The rat race finishes at IIT ( A well reputed engineering college in India). People feel that you're abnormal when they hear you say, " I don't plan to take up engineering". So I finally decided to blog out everything straight from the heart and write everything in first person.
Many ideas of mine were quite a lot based on 'The secret life of Walter Mitty'. I read many inspiration stories on Facebook and G+. I finally understood one thing for sure, You can never go hungry if you're educated. I've decided I wil…

Alleppey Travel Guide

Planning a vacation in South India?
Don't forget Alleppey !
The name explains it all- Alleppey: A small happy town. Alleppey is situated in the coastal area of Kerala. This place is known for beaches and backwaters.
The perfect place to have the 'Houseboat Experience'. We've seen it in the movies, now lets see if its true ! Alleppey is home to 800 houseboats. The South Indian colors come alive here, it becomes hard to find an ordinary white colored house. Houses, Houseboats, clothes and banners are bright and vibrant in colors. All this reminds me of a song sung by The Beatles, 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' that starts with- Picture yourself in a boat in a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies..... 

Lets not get diverted to music, how can one forget houseboats ?
Being made for tourism, all houseboats are beautifully crafted and named. All tourism companies usually feature a houseboat picture in Alleppey on their pamphlets ! To be honest, houseboats are an…


Visiting South India?
Be sure to visit Munnar! A hill station in Kerala, like none other.

Truly an escape from the remaining South India's burning heat, Munnar stands as a hub of tourism. Munnar is a hill station 130 kms away from Kochi (the city in which the Kerala Airport is located). Tea plantations and all the agricultural stuff never excited me, but after my visit to Munnar, I changed my views. The entire hill station is stocked with tea plantations, and is probably the best place to buy organic Indian spices. Tea is planted along the slope of the hills. To reach them, one must be an average trekker! You can spend hours roaming around them and exploring other areas near them. You can find a variety of flavored and organic refreshing tea with the exotic aroma. The fun sparks out in having a thick block of chocolate ice-cream in the burning heat. Did I mention, Kerala is the only state in India having 99.9 % literacy? Literacy has resulted in clean streets and proper management o…


If you run out of picks every now and then, or somehow lose them, this article is for you.
Ultimately a guitar pick is a piece of fine plastic cut through a machine. The question is, is it really hard to make one sitting at home, and spending a few minutes of time ?
Here's a quick tutorial of how you do so. Although you may intuitively feel that homemade picks can't match the precision of manufactured picks in terms of smoothness and rounding, in reality you can get a finish close enough or better than factory made ones!

Step 1- SELECT THE RIGHT CD (DVD) So the first step is to select a DVD. The visual difference between a CD and a DVD is that CD's are white on their reflective side and DVD's are blue on their reflective side. So what we need is the BLUE one. In case, you're stuck-
Step 2- SEPARATE THE TRANSLUCENT LAYER All DVD's are made of two layers - The cover and the projection layer. We want the projection or the translucent layer. To separate it, all…

School Challenges : Lessons from life

Little did I suspect, that learning guitar would place me in a head breaking situation........

Music has fascinated me, ever since I was a kid. Guitar, was how I finally settled with a hobby, for the past 3 years. Learning guitar was a challenge, but a million times simpler than the one I am currently facing. Definitely, one has to agree that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when you're troubled all you can point out is disadvantages. 

It all started with the exam season. There is going to be a farewell party (more of an event) in our school for the students of 10th grade. Now here is the mistake (atleast for me) that I made - Being excited knowing that our music teacher wants 'me' to play guitar for the event, without thinking about its consequences, I said ' certainly !!! yeah! I will play! The next hour my brain started thinking on all four sides. Finally, I realized the mistake I made- The Final Exam was less than a month a away, and I would b…

Maggi : India's beloved fast food

When I reached Rohtang (a pass in Manali, Himalayas), an unusual hunger struck me, ignoring the fact that I had lunch less than an hour ago. The snow was dazzling white and my vision wasn't clear. I saw a bright orange tent at a considerable distance. I went closer to it and I saw a slate hanging on the top of the tent. It said - 'MAGGI RS.50' in running cursive. 
The aroma tickled my nose and made me to enter the tent. There was an aged man who welcomed me and asked, 'so, what will you have' 
By the time I observed the tent, my order arrived. A bowl of glowing yellow noodle, with freshly cut and buttered vegetables............

I understood one thing for sure, Maggi tastes better when eaten at a higher altitude.
I'm unfortunate that its impossible to go for me to for a trek every time I eat maggi, But thats how I enjoy it .

Maggi has to be Nestle's greatest invention till date. On this Earth there would be millions of types of packed noodles. But none ca…

Rubik's New Challenge -

Puzzles that changed the world :-Hey there friends ! I happened to experience the Rubik's revolution taking place around me. Every alternate person on the road is equipped with the most brain-teasing puzzles. Since childhood, the Rubik's cube has fascinated me and I conquered it. The legendary - 'Rubik's cube' was created by Erno Rubik, who is a hungarian inventor. At 70 he still continues the ultimate legacy. His latest invention was the void cube as I have mentioned below. Do check out his profile and jaw dropping inventions. Lets know a little more in detail about some of his masterpieces.
1. The original 3x3 cube-
Picture courtsey - The 3x3 cube was the first ever made cube (invented by Erno Rubik). It is the best selling puzzle even today. No matter new puzzles come up, but this remains one of its kind. It has been an inspiration for the creation for many other puzzles. With time, people have com…

How the world changes in 3 blinks .....

It all started with one of my friends, Manas, instructed me to stay back in the class, during the lunch break. I expected that he would come up with a new type of puzzle (95% , a Rubiks cube) and ask me to solve it or maybe talk about my blog or possibly about the guitar........... But it seemed that his hands were fixed in his bag as if the bag was a Venus fly trap and he had his hand trapped. So out of curiosity I asked him why did he ask me to wait there. By that time, he had his hands out ..... 

Now a GRE student would term this ' My fall in the cosmos' . The next three blinks were hard to understand. My eyes were asking for feedback, i just couldn't understand what the hell was going on !

In my first blink I saw Manas, sitting on his seat with his tiffin in his hand, being put for auction in open air . He probably meant to tell me exclaiming ' Hey come here, ' I've got pizza !'. So ?
Now the next moment I felt as if the entire class had been suffering a f…

5 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Guitar Skills

5 Amazing Tips to enhance your Guitar skills !

Being a student of music means being a student in perpetuity. So what we have here is a boost to your way to the Top. Here it is !

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "

1. Instrument does not matter

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "
Instrument is the last part of playing guitar. To master the art is important. Buying a Les Paul at an early stage would be a waste of money. The fact that anything played on the electric sounds good is what prevents guitarists from mastering the art. So play the best with whichever guitar you have and aim high !
2. Practice in a group

Teamwork-Playing a song with a guitar and singing all alone is an easy job, but coordinating with the entire band and jamming on the song is where you real guitar skills come live. You get to learn lot more from others in the band, compared to what you learn by yourself. In this way by playing with others you might end up creatin…


Hey there guitarists !
About to re-string your guitar?
Well, consider this,
This is for those who use steel strings ,

So when it comes to strings, you shouldn't compromise.......
They should be bought on a long term basis. The right time to change strings is when -
1. Your guitar starts going off tune Very often in a matter of seconds
2. There is a layer of visible dust
3. When, the strings get cuts on the Coated layer

If you experience any of these situations , restring your ACOUSTIC guitar with one of the sets listed below for best results.

1. D'addario EXP coated bronze series:-

D'addario has created and maintained its masterpiece in the years. EXP coated strings are slightly expensive but, worth what you pay for it. If you play guitar , an hour a day regularly or more than that , you don't need to think about it ; blindly go for it ! It keeps your guitar in tune for many hours of continuous playing and creates a heavy, long lasting,clear and delayed sound. I used these for ab…