5 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Guitar Skills

  5 Amazing Tips to enhance your Guitar skills !

Being a student of music means being a student in perpetuity. So what we have here is a boost to your way to the Top. Here it is !

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "

1. Instrument does not matter

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "
Instrument is the last part of playing guitar. To master the art is important. Buying a Les Paul at an early stage would be a waste of money. The fact that anything played on the electric sounds good is what prevents guitarists from mastering the art. So play the best with whichever guitar you have and aim high !

2. Practice in a group

Teamwork-Playing a song with a guitar and singing all alone is an easy job, but coordinating with the entire band and jamming on the song is where you real guitar skills come live. You get to learn lot more from others in the band, compared to what you learn by yourself. In this way by playing with others you might end up creating your own band. learning by experience is the best way to learn. It teaches you when NOT to play.

3. Maintain a notebook

Human mind has a tendency to forget incidents that happened mere 5 minutes ago. Entering a room and forgetting the purpose of your visit ?
The moment you learn something new , you should have it on paper the next minute. An instant back up , for the music to keep flowing ! or if you want to pass on a song to your friend. In the long run when you would have learned a hundred songs you would find this book very useful and would come in handy.

3. Practice complete songs

All guitarists hate this advice and so do I. Playing 1/4th of the song and then switching to another and then a dragged solo and next comes the blues. This is the worst way to practice guitar. Focusing on one thing shows much more progress than, playing millions of things at the same time. I'm not saying its not good to explore, but exploring the explored for seconds isn't so rewarding.

4. Set targets

You know yourself the best, not your teachers or classmates. So challenge yourself ! 
What lies behind you,
and what lies after you,
Are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within you......- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So be your own master, set your targets and deadlines of learning solos, songs or maybe creating new ones. Everyday learn a little more than before and improvise on it .

5. Be a good listener

                               Picture courtesy-   www..Pixshark.com

Appreciating all types of music is an integral part of learning guitar or for the fact, any other instrument. 
Before decoding the guitar part of song you should be well aware of the ups and downs of the song which you can only achieve by continuous listening.  The song may sound difficult to play but might be just the opposite. For all this, -
' Cheers You-tube '

All of us are well aware about it, Whenever you are stuck at some point of a known song , just Google-it!

Goodluck with your journey in music!


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