How the world changes in 3 blinks .....

It all started with one of my friends, Manas, instructed me to stay back in the class, during the lunch break. I expected that he would come up with a new type of puzzle (95% , a Rubiks cube) and ask me to solve it or maybe talk about my blog or possibly about the guitar........... But it seemed that his hands were fixed in his bag as if the bag was a Venus fly trap and he had his hand trapped. So out of curiosity I asked him why did he ask me to wait there. By that time, he had his hands out ..... 

Now a GRE student would term this ' My fall in the cosmos' . The next three blinks were hard to understand. My eyes were asking for feedback, i just couldn't understand what the hell was going on !

In my first blink I saw Manas, sitting on his seat with his tiffin in his hand, being put for auction in open air . He probably meant to tell me exclaiming ' Hey come here, ' I've got pizza !'. So ?
Now the next moment I felt as if the entire class had been suffering a famine and finally a miracle showed up.

In my second blink I found myself in a gigantic stampede where people were shouting as if there was a time bomb planted in our class and the doors were locked. Well, that was confusing .........

Third blink - ' BLANK ' Now this was like when Harry was shot by Voldemort and was now in heaven talking to Hagrid and finally again returning to real life.
Now I was out of the stampede , amazingly I didn't move out of the stampede the crowd moved away. Now, what I saw was exactly what I saw in my first blink just that the lunch box was now empty and the place was more silent and Manas was neutral.
The entire class extinguished the famine with Manas's tiffin. He was helpless knowing that he is in the class of missing legends , IX D. So all this lasted about 30 seconds and ow amazingly the atmosphere changed. If you can't beat your enemy join them :)


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