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Hey there friends !
I happened to experience the Rubik's revolution taking place around me. Every alternate person on the road is equipped with the most brain-teasing puzzles. Since childhood, the Rubik's cube has fascinated me and I conquered it. The legendary - 'Rubik's cube' was created by Erno Rubik, who is a hungarian inventor. At 70 he still continues the ultimate legacy. His latest invention was the void cube as I have mentioned below. Do check out his profile and jaw dropping inventions. Lets know a little more in detail about some of his masterpieces.

1. The original 3x3 cube-

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The 3x3 cube was the first ever made cube (invented by Erno Rubik). It is the best selling puzzle even today. No matter new puzzles come up, but this remains one of its kind. It has been an inspiration for the creation for many other puzzles. With time, people have come up with hundreds of solution to it. A simple toy, made of plastic, can be shuffled and solved just by a few correct turns, but with supreme logic. Today, when you search 'cube' on Amazon , even a day's time would be less just to flip through all the results. People have created millions of puzzles based on the concept and logic. But the solution to all of them is to master the 3x3 cube i.e if you can solve a 3x3 cube, you can conquer almost any other puzzle. So, what are are waiting for ?? grab yours today and use the famous - 'cheatsheet' below- 

2. The Pyraminx

Inspired by the cube, what we have here is the pyramid. Its easier than the cube and more enjoyable. The pyraminx kept me engaged for a long time. As it is easy to solve you can invent your own way to it. The origin of this puzzle is not so clear on the web, some say it was invented before the creation of the cube while some say it is a recently developed toy.

3. The Mirror cube-

This toy looks futuristic and once again inspired by the cube. It shares the same solutions as that of the Rubik's cube just that it is slightly harder to solve as it changes its shape with respect to the moves you make and reverts to the shape of a cube when solved. It looks very interesting and comes in various metallic color variants. Out of all the puzzles I've tried this is my favorite one. So, do try check it out !

4.Rubik's 360
Amazingly this, is not a cube ! this is real innovation. This is a spherical gyroscope. It has no definite solution unless you find one ! It has 3 plastic transparent spheres, one inside the other. The aim of this puzzle is to get the colored tiny spheres out of the innermost sphere and guide them all the way out to their respective colored shells. To ensure that the colored balls don't come out of their shells while trying to get another ball to it shells, it comes with a circular lock as seen in the picture ( the black rotor ).

5.The Void cube

Here's a whole new challenge ! This is Rubik's latest creation and unfortunately people find it boring as it has to be solved in the same way just as the plain 3x3 cube. The design is the only thing that makes people buy it. There's no centerpiece , that means, you can have your finger go through the cube !!

6. The cube variants- 4x4, 5x5, 2x2 

2x2-The simplest and the easiest cube ever made, also known as -'pocket cube'

4x4- hmmmm........ here we have no centerpieces so hard to decide which color comes where. 

5x5 - 'Professor's cube' !!!!!

That's to much to choose from !!! My opinion - lets worship the 3x3 forget the others :) !!
                                                                                 - Siddharth

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