Hey there guitarists !
About to re-string your guitar?
Well, consider this,
This is for those who use steel strings ,

So when it comes to strings, you shouldn't compromise.......
They should be bought on a long term basis. The right time to change strings is when -
1. Your guitar starts going off tune Very often in a matter of seconds
2. There is a layer of visible dust
3. When, the strings get cuts on the Coated layer

If you experience any of these situations , restring your ACOUSTIC guitar with one of the sets listed below for best results.

1. D'addario EXP coated bronze series:-

D'addario has created and maintained its masterpiece in the years. EXP coated strings are slightly expensive but, worth what you pay for it. If you play guitar , an hour a day regularly or more than that , you don't need to think about it ; blindly go for it ! It keeps your guitar in tune for many hours of continuous playing and creates a heavy, long lasting,clear and delayed sound. I used these for about one and a half years and still I get the same sound that i heard the very first day, when I strung those to my guitar. This also add to the looks of your guitar. Unlike other strings, they have a bright-yellow color which adds to the warm and mellow tone that your guitar produces....

2. D'addario phosphor bronze series :-

These are just the opposite ! 
If you aren't a regular player and don't play often + you don't want to spend much on strings, these are just the right ones. They produce a very light and balanced tone and therefore are much lighter and inexpensive compared to the ones above. These strings are the ones that fit in inventory. The Sound is just perfect for playing country music. You can buy dozens of them and keep them for future. 


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