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Visiting South India?
Be sure to visit Munnar! A hill station in Kerala, like none other.

Truly an escape from the remaining South India's burning heat, Munnar stands as a hub of tourism. Munnar is a hill station 130 kms away from Kochi (the city in which the Kerala Airport is located). Tea plantations and all the agricultural stuff never excited me, but after my visit to Munnar, I changed my views. The entire hill station is stocked with tea plantations, and is probably the best place to buy organic Indian spices. Tea is planted along the slope of the hills. To reach them, one must be an average trekker! You can spend hours roaming around them and exploring other areas near them. You can find a variety of flavored and organic refreshing tea with the exotic aroma. The fun sparks out in having a thick block of chocolate ice-cream in the burning heat. Did I mention, Kerala is the only state in India having 99.9 % literacy? Literacy has resulted in clean streets and proper management o…


If you run out of picks every now and then, or somehow lose them, this article is for you.
Ultimately a guitar pick is a piece of fine plastic cut through a machine. The question is, is it really hard to make one sitting at home, and spending a few minutes of time ?
Here's a quick tutorial of how you do so. Although you may intuitively feel that homemade picks can't match the precision of manufactured picks in terms of smoothness and rounding, in reality you can get a finish close enough or better than factory made ones!

Step 1- SELECT THE RIGHT CD (DVD) So the first step is to select a DVD. The visual difference between a CD and a DVD is that CD's are white on their reflective side and DVD's are blue on their reflective side. So what we need is the BLUE one. In case, you're stuck-
Step 2- SEPARATE THE TRANSLUCENT LAYER All DVD's are made of two layers - The cover and the projection layer. We want the projection or the translucent layer. To separate it, all…