Its been a long time since I last blogged. An amazing idea struck me in my dreams. Living in an atmosphere of competition, most of my conversations with people kick start this way,
"So, young man, what do you plan to do in life?"
"Haven't decided yet........."
I'm tired of this question. Most of my friends joined private coaching classes in 8th grade. I felt all this was just a commercial activity to become a billionaire. The rat race finishes at IIT ( A well reputed engineering college in India). People feel that you're abnormal when they hear you say, " I don't plan to take up engineering". So I finally decided to blog out everything straight from the heart and write everything in first person.

Many ideas of mine were quite a lot based on 'The secret life of Walter Mitty'. I read many inspiration stories on Facebook and G+. I finally understood one thing for sure, You can never go hungry if you're educated. I've decided I will live an experimental life, a life without those burdens of insurance, money, buying and selling land and all such activities.

I'll just go where the road takes me and roads never end.........
Learn from nature and experience. I don't like the idea of settling down with one occupation and one house and the concept of getting old. The soul remains young till death. Ofcourse, with age comes experience. Its all in the mind. Just enjoy the present, let tomorrow remain a mystery. 

And why settle with one job? for money?
Money does matter and it will catch up if you're doing the right work. I dream to live a hundred lives, everyday would be a new one. One day I'll work a waiter in the restaurant, another day write a book, teach in an NGO. 
Who cares about reputation? oh yeah, so now I'm caught........that's probably the only thing everyone cares about, followed by money. 
This reminds me of an interesting person I met, a year ago. By profession, he worked as an investment banker in New York for sometime. He is also a talented photographer. So one day his thoughts gave a twist to his career. He decided to give up investment banking and become a dedicated photographer . So, he walked up to a gallery to set up his photographs. The curator explained that there are to ways of setting up photographs, one is to get less or no money for it and set it up with your credits clearly mentioned. The other way was exactly the opposite, that you sell your photographs for quite a good grab but without owning any copyrights i.e You won't be the owner of your own photographs. 
Now, every photographer would dream to be famous and would want to be clearly credited for the dedicated work. That was exactly the case he was dealing with. Since he gave up investment banking, he was no longer earning...........
So he chose the first option and took the money not the credits. He regretted this decision for fighting passion for glory.  
No-one would want to become famous before completing the basic financial needs.
What I learnt from him was-
'Don't let your passion be your occupation'
Because if you dedicate your passion for money, creating a fine masterpeice would be out of bounds and you would rather look at the fastest way to finish the job.
So I'll do what I enjoy doing but will keep a separate room for passion.......
And the magic of music will light the way ...🌟🌟🔱
So, what do you say??


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