The Best Rubik's Puzzles 2017

If you’ve recently learnt how to solve the cube, and are in search of a similar, but more challenging puzzle, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short overview of the coolest puzzles available in market, 2017.
Lets Start with the classics.

1. The Evergreen Rubik's Cube Series-

THE 3x3

Needless to say, the 3x3 cube is where we all started. The original cube created by Erno Rubik, remains the most popular and experimented with, cube. Known for its simplicity, there are many ways of solving the 3x3. At present Mats Valk from Netherlands holds the world record for solving the cube in 5.55 seconds.

THE 4x4 and 5x5 and 2x2 cubes

By adding another layer of pieces, we have the 4x4 cube, where things get a bit harder to solve, having no centre pieces.
The 5x5 cube is purely a ‘collector’s edition’ cube created for dedicated puzzle solvers.

No matter who you are, you can solve the 2x2 cube without any prior experience!
While being able to solve the above cubes may characterise you as a genius, being able to solve 10x10s and 11x11s will confirm your state of joblessness.

These cubes rather look more edible than solvable.

2. The Pyraminx

Another flawlessly crafted puzzle having four faces, allowing restricted movement makes the Pyraminx an ideal recreational puzzle.
3. The Mastermorphix

A Mastermorphix is somewhat like a Pyramix having different axes of rotation. Its small size makes it an ideal pocket-puzzle to solve while standing in long queues.

4. The Megaminx

Stay away if you’ve got difficultophobia by any chance. The scariest puzzle you can think of, if you can’t solve the 3x3. The Megaminx, previously called as Hungarian Supernova was patented by Uwe Mèffert. It is a dodecahedron-shaped face-turning twisty puzzle which is very similar to the classic Rubik’s Cube. The solution is almost the same, just a few new algorithms come in when you reach the last layer, so if you’re familiar with the classic 3x3x3 Cube then you won’t have problems solving the Megaminx either.
There are many variations but the most common version has 12 different colors, having 11 pieces in a star-pattern arrangement on each face with five corner pieces, five edge pieces and a fixed center piece. It has a total of 50 separate pieces.

5. The Mirror cube

The Mirror Blocks puzzle is, in essence, a fairly simple concept – A cube shaped puzzle that, instead of different colours on each side, has different shaped pieces and usually silver, reflective stickers that are all the same. No two movable pieces (excluding centres) share the same shape, but even those have different heights from the core. The puzzle is solved once it has been returned to its cube state. However, like the original Rubik’s Cube, even the simplest looking puzzles can appear daunting. A scrambled Mirror Blocks puzzle looks incredibly difficult, although its only difference to a normal Rubik’s Cube is what you’re solving – shape instead of sticker.

6. The Ghost cube

Similar to the mirror cube, just the pieces being cut in a random manner unlike perfect cuboids in the mirror cube, we have the GHOST CUBE!

7. The Void cube

Rethink your strategy, without any plans based on the centre!

8. Rubik’s 360

The puzzle involves changing the position of six balls, each a different color, in a central sphere to six color-coded compartments in the outer sphere. This is done by maneouvering them through a middle sphere that only has two holes. There are three spheres that make up the puzzle. The puzzle begins with all 6 balls in the center; solving the puzzle involves getting the balls into the outer sphere. Unlike the original Rubik's Cube, there seem to be no algorithms and, in general, less mathematics associated with this puzzle.

9. The Gear Cube

Oskar van Deventer presented the prototype of the Gear Cube for the first time on YouTube in the summer of 2009. Back then he called it Caution Cube because one time his finger got stuck between the sharp gears and wound his fingers. While presenting his invention he was wearing protective glasses and gloves to make sure nobody will hurt himself and warned us that this is not a toy and it’s extremely dangerous.
The solution of the classic Gear Cube or Caution Cube was not that hard because only 180 degree turns were allowed so relatively there were not so many possible permutations of the puzzle. The Gear Cube Ultimate and Gear Cube Extreme allows to make 90o turns on two of the faces which makes the puzzle more interesting, making them more popular than their predecessor.

10.The Rubik’s Tower

The Rubik’s Tower (or 2x2x4 Rubik’s Cube) is an interesting twist on the original Rubik’s Cube. Imagine two 2x2 Rubik’s Cubes that rotate around the central axis allowing this puzzle to shape-shift. That’s right - it makes it very difficult to solve!
Happy Cubing!


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